Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux (013.11.4)


Course Overview

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux and Kaspersky Security Center Linux together form an EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) solution that helps protect Linux devices against a wide range of threats.

The theoretical part of the course and the hands-on labs provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to deploy, understand, configure and maintain the solution.


Basic understanding of networking technologies, basic Linux administrator skills. Understanding of contemporary threats and information technologies.

Course Content

How and why to protect Linux
  • Why protect Linux?
  • What can protect Linux?
How to deploy protection
  • Installation scenario
  • MariaDB installation and configuration
  • PostgreSQL installation and configuration
  • Installing the Administration Server
  • Web console installation
  • Lab 1. How to install Kaspersky Security Center Linux
  • What to do after deploying KSC
  • Initial server setup
  • How to discover devices on the network
  • Lab 2. How to configure Kaspersky Security Center Linux
  • Network Agent installation
  • KESL installation
  • Lab 3. Install Kaspersky Endpoint Security on the managed devices
How to configure protection
  • How to organize devices
  • How to assign tags
  • How to apply policies
  • Lab 4. How to manage devices
How to protect devices
  • How to protect devices against malware
  • How to prevent malicious files from infiltrating a device
  • How to protect a device against network threats
  • How to protect against file-encrypting ransomware
  • How to protect against new threats
  • Lab 5. Configuring server protection
How to harden a system
  • Why control a system?
  • Application control
  • Inventory
  • Firewall management
  • Device control
  • Lab 6. How to collect information about executable files
  • Lab 7. Test protection against vulnerability exploitation
Managing KESL via the command line
  • Why use the command line?
  • How to manage tasks
  • Lab 8. How to manage protection using kesl-control

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