SQL Curriculum

Your Way to modern Data Management

SQL Server 2019/2022 What’s new (SQL01)
(1 day)
In this one-day workshop you will learn the new features and benefits of SQL Server 2019.

SQL Standard Intensive Training (SQL02)
(2 days)
In this training you will build the foundations for querying and manipulating data from relational databases.

Relational Database Design (SQL03)
(2 days)
In this training you will learn how to design and create relational databases.

SQL Server for .NET Application Developers (SQL04)
(3 days)
After completing this course you will be able to develop secure and stable solutions with SQL Server.

Master Class: Big Data, Data Science, and AI in SQL Server 2019/2022 (SQLAI)
(3 days)
Learn the new possibilities of data analysis in SQL Server.

SQL Server Business Intelligence
(8 days)

SQL Server Development
(10 days)

SQL Server Administration
(10 days)

SQL Trainings

Customized and Onsite SQL Workshops

We will gladly tailor the SQL trainings to your special conditions, objectives and requirements. We will carry out your customized training either in one of our training centers or at your premises.

Simply let us know your requirements via our contact form or give us a call: +971-455-192-49.