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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall – Application Control (CGF0301)


Who should attend

Technical staff: system administrators, network engineers, etc. Participants must be either Barracuda partners or customers.


Barracuda CloudGen Firewall - Foundation (CGF01) or comparable product knowlegde.

Course Objectives

This course provides an extensive technical coverage of the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Application Control feature.

The course is designed for participants who prefer instructor-led courses. It includes all the content of the below listed on-demand training videos, as well as hands-on lab exercises.

Course Content

  • Application Control
  • Traffic Shaping (QoS)
Classroom Training

Duration 1 day

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Middle East
United Arab Emirates
05/02/2020 Dubai Course language: English
06/05/2020 Dubai Course language: English
12/08/2020 Dubai Course language: English
04/11/2020 Dubai Course language: English
05/02/2020 Doha Course language: English
12/08/2020 Doha Course language: English

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01/04/2020 Cairo Course language: English
08/07/2020 Cairo Course language: English
30/09/2020 Cairo Course language: English
27/02/2020 Berlin
14/05/2020 Hamburg
09/07/2020 Düsseldorf
03/09/2020 Munich
03/12/2020 Hamburg
09/07/2020 Lisbon
02/07/2020 Madrid
23/04/2020 Zurich
29/10/2020 Zurich
United Kingdom
13/08/2020 FLEX training This is an English language FLEX course.
Time zone: Europe/London
12/11/2020 FLEX training This is an English language FLEX course.
Time zone: Europe/London
This is a FLEX course, which is delivered both virtually and in the classroom.