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Installing Cisco Unified Communications on Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCUCS)

Detailed Course Outline

  • Reviewing Unified Communication Virtualization
    • Three pilars of UC on UCS solution
    • Virtualization solution
    • NetApp and FlexPod solution
  • Tested Reference Configuration
    • Describe TRC and understand its benefits
    • Describe supported Cisco UCS options
    • Explain unsupported UCS solution
  • Using Specification Based HW Support
    • Describe Specification Based guidelines for ESXi and Virtual Machines
    • Describe Specification Based guidelines for vCenter
    • Review best practices related to Spec-Based deployments
  • Prerequisites
    • Installation specifics related to NTP server
    • Unattended installation and Answer File Generator
    • Upgrading VMware Tools in UC applications
  • Installing Cisco Unified Communications Applications
    • vCPU and vRAM requirements
    • Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool
    • Installing Cisco Unity Connection, Unified Presence Server, and Contact Center Express
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Apps
    • Reviewing hardware monitoring applications
    • Monitoring hypervisor layer
    • Measuring storage performance
  • Upgrading and Migrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications
    • Understanding W1 upgrade process (Windows to appliance model)
    • Explaining L2 upgrade process (appliance to appliance model)
    • Reviewing migration strategies
    • Upgrading VMware Tools


  • Access the Lab Equipment
  • Tested Reference Configuration
  • Examining ISO Images
  • Planning Deployment
  • CUCM Installation
  • UCxn Installation
  • Installing and integrating a CUP server
  • UCCX installation