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We offer services for Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access), the next-generation architecture for the enterprise network. Aligned with the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) it uses a centralized controller to provide a management framework. This framework will simplify the provisioning of your network, administer group-based policy for users, and provide telemetry to help identify problems and provide corrective actions.

Cisco SD-Access provides a cohesive, end-to-end security architecture that addresses the unique needs of the customer while conforming to the latest industry trends. This solution’s automation and simplicity will allow IT more time to innovate while also helping them initiate network changes more rapidly and efficiently. Scalable virtualization capabilities in the infrastructure help create hierarchical micro/macro segmentation policies that are enforced with the fabric infrastructure for secure segmentation. Thanks to its long-term cost reduction, centralized management, on-demand provisioning, and network flexibility, the proposed Cisco SD-Access provides operational and strategic advantages over traditional enterprise networks.

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Cisco SDA Professional Services

Proof of Value

ITLS’s Proof of Value (PoV) program is an essential component of our solution adoption services. It allows to demonstrate the value proposition and ROI of a solutions to customers supported by ITLS experts, presentation material and demo infrastructure. A Proof of Value event provides technical decision makers with a deep-dive learning experience that focuses on a specific solution addressing a particular use case. After attending such an event, the intent is that most of the audience questions and concerns will have been answered and they will have an appreciation of the operational and business value that can be achieved by implementing the solution. In other words, a PoV workshop is a means of closing sales through learning.

Proof of Concept

ITLS's Proof of Concept (PoC) program is an essential component of our sales acceleration services. It allows to demonstrate the value proposition and ROI of solutions to key customer accounts focusing on the existing environment and challenges of the customer. The aim is building an in-house demonstration pod allowing to showcase the solution and address a customer's specific use case(s). In contract to a PoV event that is rather generic in nature, a PoC focuses on a customer’s specific requirements and proposed solution.

Mentored Install

As part of our mentored installation services, we manage the entire project process, including task distribution, resource planning and scheduling. ITLS will engage subject matter experts to help build out enablement solutions and mentor system integrators or customers through the design, installation, configuration and successful deployment of a Software Defined Access (SDA) solution. This solution will include threat visibility (Cisco's Identity Services Engine) and wide network analytics (Stealthwatch). Our deployment service is a special derivative of staff augmentation. It consists of one or more on-site or remote design and deployment engagements including related knowledge transfer and additional mentoring/coaching as needed. The purpose of these engagements is to help you deploy solutions with expert assistance in a controlled (mentored) environment thus optimizing your investment in technology, accelerating time to deploy and improving the effectiveness of the implementation.

There are multiple types of engagements available ranging from Isolated Mentored Install Deployments with various onsite days to Production Network Integration Deployments. Each engagement will be scoped by a ITLS Subject Matter Expert (FL SME) and team and a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) will be created for the type of engagement.

Expert 4 Hire

ITLS experts are here to support critical parts of your SDA business roadmap. Our E4H service provides the resources to assist you in the following areas:

  • Pre-Sales project assessment and planning
  • SDA outcomes-based solution design
  • SDA RFP response
  • Implementation and Post-Sales support

In addition to these services, we provide role-based SDA training for Account Managers, Systems Engineers, Field Engineers, Administrators and Customer Success Managers

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Cisco SDA Training Services

Today’s leading organizations are adopting new digital strategies to simplify processes and transform their businesses. You need an intelligent secure network that can advance this digital transformation by providing access to any application in minutes and gaining superior awareness of what's hitting your network, without compromising on security.

Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is an open, extensible, software-driven architecture that accelerates and simplifies your enterprise network operations. Cisco DNA automation is built on a Software-Defined Network (SDN) controller, rich contextual analytics, network virtualization and the limitless scalability of the cloud. With Cisco’s DNA products and solutions, such as SD-Access, network security and SD-WAN, you can join the new era of networking.

With Cisco and ITLS’s Exclusive course portfolio, we have all your training needs covered.

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