Hack the Cert™

Accelerate your Azure certification journey with iTLS

Over the last year, we have seen a significant shift in the way in which people wish to learn and consume their knowledge. Moving away from the traditional classroom deliveries, we have witnessed a substantial uptake in
demand for a more immersive, hands-on,
dynamic learning.

What is the Hack the Cert™ Program?

The iTLS Hack the Cert™ Program transforms the traditional ILT (Instructor-Led Training) in order to drive deeper skills development as well as accelerated certification attainment. It also build team capabilities by having learners work in teams to tackle real business problems that are crafted to reinforce exam objectives as well as demonstrate real business outcomes. The Hack the Cert™ program delivers genuine skills and knowledge they can take straight into the workplace.

The Hack the Cert™ Roadmap

1. Hack the Cert™ Journey Launch

Launch and Establish Focus- 2 hour hosted online “know before you go” webinar event led by our Expert Coach team, providing an orientation to the resources and journey ahead.

2. Prepare for the Hack

Close Foundational Gaps - After the Launch, learners work with self-diagnostic tools, Measure Up practice exams and other resources to identify and close any fundamental gaps identified.

3. Hack The Cert™ Week

Team-based, coach supported - Work with a Team to address every exam objective in the context of real-world scenarios. Coaches guide learners to understanding the problem, and helps connect the dots to exam-relevant skills.

4. Get Certified

Ace the Exam – Depending on skill level, plan on taking the exam within 1 or 2 weeks, leaving some room for practice on areas that were particularly challenging or new.

What’s Included?

  • 5 Days of Expert Coach led hacking and exam prep
  • Over 37 hours of hands on activity in one week!
  • Dramatically improved Exam Success Rates!
  • Measure Up Practice Exams ($125 value)
  • Microsoft Official Courseware
  • Access to lab environment for both during and after class
  • Asynchronous access to Expert Exam Coach until certification achieved
  • Online resources to support exam prep

Hack The Cert™ Course Offerings

Microsoft Azure Administrator Hack the Cert (AZ-104HTC)

  • AZ-204 Azure Developer Hack the Cert™ Program (Coming Soon)
  • AZ-304 Azure Architect Hack the Cert™ Program (Coming Soon)
  • DP-203 Azure Data Engineer Hack the Cert™ Program (Coming Soon)