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Key Aspects of Successful Presentation (KASP)


Course Overview

In almost every industry today, many people occupying various business roles are required to have highly developed presentation skills, because from them is dependent the sought-out result, be it in the area of selling goods or services, or simply sharing knowledge and expertise with fellow colleagues. Yet, the presentation itself is among the most dreaded activities for many nowadays. That is why learning good presentation skills can aid you in making yours more successful and impressive, while at the same time toning down your discomfort that is arising from the preparation and execution of the presentation.

This course is designed to bring you new skills and methods which will ease the process of preparing, organizing and delivering your presentation, regardless of whether it is of formal or casual nature, all with the goal in mind of having a rewarding result.

Course Objectives

  • Formulate you presentation in such a way that it both reaches your goals and keeps your audience interested
  • Making clear objectives will aid you in more easily connecting with your audience
  • How to consider in more depth the interests and general disposition of the audience
  • Ascertain what are the main components that leave impression in a marvelously conveyed presentation
  • Why enriching a presentation with illustrations both graphic and textual is a two-way street – pro’s and con’s
  • Knowing and preparing for possible hurdles will aid greatly to creation of a successful presentation.
  • What methods are available for handling effectively questions during the presentation
  • Responding to informational questions
  • Dealing with hostile questions in sensitive way
Online Training

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Classroom Training

Duration 2 days

Price (incl. tax)
  • United Arab Emirates:
    Country: AE
    US$ 840

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