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Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making (CPD)


Course Overview

There are those among us to whom finding the best solution out of many viable choices comes as second nature, and that’s what makes them successful decision makers. The decisions they make are inspired, well-thought and have sound standing ground.

This course delivers the necessary instruments which in combination with the training will aid you in becoming resourceful and rational decision maker. You will learn how to dissect and then tackle any type of a problem in an organized and planned manner. Additionally, you will obtain the ability to analytically address problems by identifying the objective and subject matter, while always having in mind the best result.

Complex problems can be examined and dissected through critical thinking, which in turn also enables us to comprehend what are the inferences and contributions of our thought process. One of the purposes of this course is to bring you to a state where you can easily create a standpoint on the matter at hand which will be rational and straightforwardly comprehensive for others. Upon completion of this training, you will be able to discern why a certain decision is of unsatisfactory appeal, as well as establish quality check on yours and the decisions made by other individuals.

Course Objectives

  • Making decisions with regard to their quality
  • Exclude intuition to reach smarter outcomes
  • Learn the ins and outs of thinking and reasoning processes
  • Know the hurdles on the path to thorough thinking
  • How to avoid preconception and conventions when analyzing problems
  • Reaching varied solutions through analysis and segmentation
  • Critical thinking in its structure, standards and ethics
  • Thought processes – inputs and effects, order and assessment
  • Pondering issues efficiently and reliably
  • How to utilize efficiently available time for any given decision
  • Use of different views and angles to better comprehend problems
  • How to appraise alternatives through a well devised comparison
  • Reaching a creative solution – the standing pillars
  • Analysis techniques
Online Training

Duration 2 days

Price (incl. tax)
  • Country: AE
    US$ 840
Classroom Training

Duration 2 days

Price (incl. tax)
  • United Arab Emirates:
    Country: AE
    US$ 840

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