Oracle SCM Cloud: Product Hub Implementation (D96320) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to Product Hub
  • Features of Product Hub
  • Key benefits of using Product Hub
  • Product Hub functionality architecture
  • Basics of navigation in Fusion Applications interface
Introduction to Functional Setup Manager
  • Functional overview of Functional Setup Manager
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Implementing a Product Hub offering using Functional Setup Manager
Overview of Application Security
  • Overview of security concepts
  • Types of roles
  • Security reference implementation
  • Role provisioning
Performing Initial Setup for Creating Items
  • Creating item organizations
  • Item class concepts
  • Creating item classes
Introduction to Data Discovery
Creating Items
  • Item terminologies
  • Item setup tasks
  • Creating items
  • Implementing item relationships
Setting Up Item Attributes
  • Item attributes
  • Defining and assigning EFF attribute groups
Creating Structures and Packs
  • Overview of structures
  • Creating a product structure
  • Overview of packs
  • Creating a pack
Creating Catalogs
  • Overview of catalogs and categories
  • Creating and publishing catalogs
Performing Item Mass Updates
Setting Up Change Orders
  • Overview of change orders
  • Configuring change orders
  • Creating change orders
  • Viewing change orders
  • Optional configurations for change orders
Setting Up New Item Requests
  • Overview of new item requests
  • Configuring new item requests
  • Creating and managing new item requests
Defining Item Rules
  • Overview of item rules concepts
  • Creating item rules
Auditing Changes
  • Overview of audit trail functionality
  • Managing audit policy
  • Creating and publishing data audit history reports
Importing Data into Product Hub
  • Overview of importing item data
  • Defining spoke systems
  • Creating item batches
  • Loading data into item batches
  • Managing item batches
Using Data Quality
  • Overview of the EDQP solution
  • Setup tasks for Product Hub
  • Setup tasks for the EDQP solution
Uploading Products with Product Hub Portal
  • Overview of Product Hub Portal
  • Setup tasks for product upload
  • Preparing to upload product data
  • Uploading product data
  • Overview of the publication process
  • Defining a spoke system and configuring its publication options
  • Scheduling the publication, viewing payloads, and accessing publication results