Oracle Financials Cloud: Financials Reporting (D96147) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Oracle Financials Cloud: Financials Reporting Course Overview
  • Discuss the Course Schedule and Approach
  • Locate Course Resources
  • Navigate Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Understand the Key Features of Reporting for Financials
  • Explain the Vision story
  • Describe the Vision chart of accounts
Using Infolets and Account Groups
  • Understand and Use Infolets
  • Describe and Set Up Account Groups
  • Understand How Account Groups Work with Infolets
Using the Financial Reporting Center with General Ledger
  • Describe the Features of the Financial Reporting Center
  • Understand the GL Balances Cube
  • View an Account Group and Use the Sunburst Visualization Tool from the Financial Reporting Center
  • Analyse Data is Smart View
  • Create Financial Reports Using the Financial Reporting Studio
  • Schedule and Distribute Reports
  • Import and export reports and folders of reports
Using Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence for Reporting in Financials
  • Describe the Components and Key Features of Oracle Transaction BI
  • Use BI Composer
  • Use Oracle Transactional BI Answers to Create and Edit Analyses, Dashboards, and Views
  • Use the Mobile App Designer
  • Create a Custom Infolet Using Oracle Transactional BI Objects
Using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher for Reporting in Financials
  • Describe the Components and Key Features of Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
  • Understand the Report Customization Options
  • Create and Edit Report Layouts using the Layout Editor
  • Define Templates Using the Word Template Builder
  • Understand and Use the BI Publisher Customization Feature
  • Create a New Report Using an Excel Spreadsheet as the Data Source
Using Other Reporting Tools
  • Understand How to Use the General Accounting Dashboard for Reporting
  • Explain the Reports and Analytics Tool
  • Discuss How to Run Reports from the BI Catelog
  • Understand EPM Workspace Books, Batches, and Batch Scheduler
  • Explain the Enterprise Scheduler System
Appendix A: Around the World of Reporting for Financials
  • Run Predefined Reports for Various Subledgers