Oracle Commerce: Platform Fundamentals for Developers Rel 11.1 (D86560) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Oracle Commerce Application Structure and Deployment
  • Overview of Oracle Commerce products and technology
  • Core concepts
  • Developer tools
  • Oracle Commerce application module assembly and deployment
Nucleus Components
  • Nucleus services and component architecture
  • Java implementation of components (classes)
  • Properties files and component configuration
  • Configuration layering (CONFIG PATH)
  • Component scope
  • Application logging capabilities
Custom Components
  • Component types
  • Creating custom component classes
  • Integrating custom components into Nucleus
  • Using application logging facilities in a component class
  • Component build environment (IDE, build tools)
The DSP Tag Library
  • JavaServer Page (JSP) review
  • DSP tag library
  • Displaying component properties
  • Setting component properties from a page
  • Page fragments
Dynamo Servlet Beans
  • Dynamo Servlet Bean (Droplet) function and usage
  • Servlet Bean structure, parameters, and syntax
  • Frequently used Servlet beans
  • Nested DSP tag restrictions
  • Writing custom Servlet Bean Classes
Repository Architecture
  • Oracle Commerce Data Anywhere Architecture overview and architecture
  • Retrieving data from a repository using servlet beans and queries
SQL Repository Configuration
  • Configuring SQL Repository components
  • Creating Repository XML definition files (mapping item properties to table columns)
  • Testing, debugging, and populating a SQL Repository
  • Modeling one-to-many and many-to-many data relationships
  • Repository item subtyping (item descriptor inheritance)
  • Composite repository IDs
  • Property grouping
  • Cascading relationships
Repository Form Handlers
  • Oracle Commerce forms and form handlers
  • Configuring repository form handlers
  • Accessing dynamic bean properties (DSP form tags)
  • Multi-value form input
  • Submission handler methods
  • Page redirection
  • Error handling
Repository API
  • Accessing repository data from Java code
  • Repository programming interfaces
  • Mutable Repository
  • Creating, updating, and deleting repository items
  • Querying repositories
Derived Properties
  • Deriving default property values from other properties
  • Overriding property derivation
  • Derivation methods
Versioned and Hierarchical Repositories
SQL Repository Caching
  • Caching architecture
  • Caching of repository query data
  • Cache modes
  • Invalidating caches
  • Preloading caches
  • Cache types
  • Coherence caching
Introduction to Core Commerce and the Product Catalog
  • Overview of Core Commerce and the Commerce Reference Store
  • Catalog definition and repository implementation
  • Catalog structure
  • Displaying the catalog
Extending the Product Catalog
  • Core Commerce and Commerce Reference Store module structure
  • Adding properties to catalog item types
  • Using subtyping to extend the catalog
  • Creating new catalog-related item types
The User Profile
  • Platform and Core Commerce Profile properties
  • Profile repository overview
  • Adding profile properties
  • Linking to other repository items
  • Profile form handlers
  • Grouping profiles (Introduction to the User Directory)
Custom Form Handlers and Transactions
  • Extending the Repository Form Handler
  • Creating custom form handlers
  • Handling form errors
  • Transaction demarcation
  • Best practices in writing form handlers
Pipeline Processors
  • Introduction to the request handling pipeline
  • Commerce pipeline architecture
  • Pipeline processor classes
  • Extending a pipeline
REST Web Services
  • REST architecture overview
  • Creating a custom actor