Master Class: Microsoft SQL Server 2022 (SQLS22MC) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Overview of MS SQL Server 2022 components
Installation and configuration of MS SQL Server 2022
  • Overview of the installation requirements
  • Installing SQL Server 2022 online and unattended
  • Best practice configuration of MS SQL Server 2022
Creating databases
  • Creating and customizing SQL Server databases from a performance and scaling perspective
  • Partitioning databases
  • Implementing Stretch Database
Security of SQL Server 2022
  • Create and manage logins, users
  • Creating server and database roles
  • Working with schemas
  • Assigning permissions
Backing up and restoring SQL databases
  • Getting to know the different backup types
  • Creating a backup concept
Setting up maintenance tasks
  • Introduction to indexes (clustered, non-clustered, columnstore index)
  • Maintenance strategies for indexes, statistics and database shrinking
  • Defining maintenance plans
  • Managing maintenance tasks in the SSIS DB
Automation of SQL Server 2022
  • Creating jobs and warnings
  • Defining proxies
  • Automation monitoring
Troubleshooting SQL Server 2022
  • Reasons of performance bottlenecks
  • Getting to know the tools performance monitoring, profiler, extended events, database optimization advisor, data collector, query store, performance dashboard
  • Strategic analysis and troubleshooting of performance bottlenecks
  • Auto tuning of the SQL server
Introduction to hybrid SQL server operation with the cloud