Big Data & Analytics Training

Connecting billions of devices of all kinds to the Internet is producing an enormous amount of data that by itself is quite useless unless properly managed and analyzed in order to gain insights leading to desired business outcomes.

We offer comprehensive training programs that that can help to turn data into information resulting in valuable insight. Whether the goal is to develop skills to build Big Data platforms or specific applications of Big Data Analytics to achieve specific business outcomes, iTLS is there for you, and can tailor the training to fit your goal.

AWS Big Data & Analytics Training

AWS Partner Network Training Partner Logo Big Data on AWS

Cisco Big Data & Analytics Training

Cisco Partner Logo Big Data solutions, Cisco UCS Big Data products, Cisco Information Server, Business Directory and more

Microsoft Big Data & Analytics Training

Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Big Data Solutions and more

Oracle Big Data & Analytics Trainings

Oracle, OAER Big Data Essentials, NoSQL and more