CCIE 360 Collaboration Full Package


Course Objectives

The Cisco Expert-Level Training for Cisco CCIE Collaboration is the Cisco authorized training program that helps to develop collaboration network expertise. This blended learning program combines live instruction, self-paced training modules, hands-on lab practice, and peer interaction to develop voice, unified communications, and video network experts.

The program is designed for collaboration networking professionals with three to five years of job experience. The program allows students to assess, learn, practice, review, and demonstrate new skills in an integrated environment. The program components are easily accessed from an internet portal and provides assessment results, performance feedback, and progress reports.

Product Description

With our CCIE 360 Collaboration Full Package we offer all the various components for a successfull preparation for the CCIE Collaboration certification in one easy to book product. If you wish to book only a selection of the components please feel free to contacts us so we can offer you your individual component package.

Our CCIE 360 Collaboration Full Package includes:

Learning Management System for CCIE Collaboration The Learning Management System is an online portal where students can access the learning components, review their results, and track their progress. Students can also schedule practice lab sessions and interact with their mentor and other CCIE Collaboration candidates. The portal offers both students and employers a summary of progress throughout the curriculum and the ability to set milestones and view success metrics.


  • Offers a comprehensive view of student progress
  • Facilitates performance management with automatic performance appraisals and skills-gap analysis
  • Supports collaborative learning through application-sharing and discussion threads
  • Includes all-hours online access for flexible scheduling
  • Stays active throughout the entire subscription period

Preassessment Lab Cisco recommends that candidates begin the learning program with the Pre-Assessment Lab. This Lab is an 8-hour diagnostic assessment that is used to measure the student’s competency upon starting the program. Cisco recommends that students take the Preassessment Lab before beginning the program and prior to extensive preparation or study.

True expertise can only be attained through hands-on lab practice. Once you have gained a solid foundation of the CCIE Collaboration related topics, you are ready to perform Collaboration Workbook exercise labs. Each lab scenario will challenge you to consider the full range of configuration options for specific technologies and applications.


  • Measures baseline skills and provides a profile of each student’s technical ability
  • Create a customized learning program to close skill gaps
  • Allows mentors to define a learning path and to determine progress
  • Includes 24/7 online access for flexible scheduling

Instructor-Led Workshop The !CI-CIEC is an extensive hands-on lab classroom experience. The workshop teaches students how to use an efficient problem-solving process, which includes options analysis. These live workshops are part of a blended learning curriculum that aids learners in preparation for the CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam. The workshop includes an 8-hour Performance Assessment, which is graded and returned with mentor feedback.

Self-Paced Lessons Self-Paced Lessons featuring audio and video instruction are available on demand from the Cisco Expert-Level Learning Management System portal. All 11 Self-Paced Lessions are already included in our CCIE 360 Collaboration Full Package. Each lesson typically includes end-of-module quizzes to check understanding and a mentoring guide that helps students apply their learning on the job.


  • Multiple modules, each 15–30 minutes in length, to fit easily into the student’s schedule
  • Split-screen format uses video, audio, slides, and screen views
  • Download and replay as many times as needed
  • Recording created by certified CCIE Collaboration instructors

Performance Assessments Taken independently or as part of a live classroom, Performance Assessments measure the student’s ability to complete voice over IP (VoIP) configuration, video traffic, collaboration configuration and troubleshooting tasks. Each of the three web-enabled graded assessments is 8-hours long. They simulate the actual live lab exam experience. Score reports are accessed online via the Learning Management System and allow students to compare their individual work to the answer key and view detailed feedback on their performance.


  • Compares the trend of their performance against successful CCIE Collaboration candidates
  • Offers personalized feedback, corrections, and explanations of best practices with online assessment reporting
  • Saves study time by identifying exactly where students need additional preparation

Practice Lab Workbook The Practice Lab Workbook contains 20 hands-on lab scenarios that cover complex configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco Collaboration solutions. A Topology Guide specifies the recommended equipment. Students can practice on remote equipment that is rented from a Cisco Authorized Learning Partner or through the Cisco Expert-Level Training program.


  • Aligned to CCIE Collaboration certification
  • Color-coded answer key allows students to match their work against correct configurations

Reference Library The Reference Library features technical articles such as options analysis diagrams, as well as articles on exam preparation strategies. It has been enhanced to include a full curriculum on Collaboration System Release v9.X (CSR v9.X). The library is available online through the Cisco Expert-Level Learning Management System portal.


  • Searchable online material and downloadable PDF documents
  • Articles on CCIE Collaboration exam-preparation strategies
  • Useful study tips